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Video Surveillance has evolved from the old CCTV technology to IP technology, the same technology your computer network runs on. With this change has come incredible power, clarity, and features to ensure your office, building, school, retail store, or any other facility is protected properly.

With a video surveillance solution, you not only have the ability to monitor what’s going on and where and by whom, but you’ll also enjoy access to the video from anywhere in the world. Some solutions even allow us to pop screenshots or stream video right to your cell phone, allowing you constant contact with your office.

Eliminate fraudulent slip and fall accidents, reduce/eliminate theft, identify who entered what area at what time, all of this and more is standard with video surveillance. Combine this with our custom-built network video recorders and enjoy an archive of historical data that you can go back and review. If somebody steals a cookie, you most likely won’t know the instance it happens, but if you learn the cookie was stolen 3 days ago, you can simply go back in the video recordings and identify who took the cookie. Our systems will allow you to print a JPG photo plus you’ll be able to create a movie file, hand both of those to the authorities, and now there’s a good chance the cookie thief will be caught. Check out our Testimonials pages and browse through one of our client’s feedback dated September 11, 2009, for a real-life situation that shows how our video surveillance solutions can pay for themselves.

How many times have we all seen surveillance footage on the news that is blurry, has lines running through the image and you can’t really see much of anything? Those are typical of either ancient technology or an installation where somebody cut corners. Either way, it’s a useless situation, nobody wins and everyone loses. How unfortunate that we still see this today in bank robberies or convenience store holdups.

Micro Tech Systems is factory trained and certified to provide a complete video surveillance solution for your environment by these companies:

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