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Automated off-site backups are becoming the norm, as well as they should be, however entirely too many people rely solely on their remote backup solution. A proper backup solution which would be part of a Disaster Recovery Plan is critical to protect important data files, whether it be accounts receivable information, customer databases, documents, spreadsheets, etc.

A good data backup solution should include 3 layers of data redundancy. This could include either mirrored drives or some other type of RAID setup on a network server, backing up to a DAT drive or an external drive, as well as USB flash drives, DVDs, etc.

Many internet-based companies have popped up in recent years all claiming to have the best solution, the lowest price, and the sales pitch is always fantastic. But who are these companies, do you really TRUST them with YOUR personal information? Are you able to pick up the phone and actually talk to a live human? Sadly, most of the time the answer is no.

The Data Store, Inc. is a sister company of Micro Tech Systems. MTS determined well over a decade ago that our clients needed something that did not seem to exist at the time. They needed a reliable method that would automatically run itself, and determine which files to include in the backup and all of this had to be done with no human involvement. After more than 2 years in development and beta testing, TDS became ready for prime time and has worked quite well for our clients.

TDS is a company that you can trust, you know exactly where your files are located and you have the ability to pick up the phone and give us a call, plain and simple. TDS clients also enjoy unlimited free technical support, so when that occasion arises where you need to restore a single file or perhaps an entire backup set, our experienced technicians will assist you with the restore at no additional cost.

Many of the internet companies offering remote backup service will have you choose some type of plan, there is always some type of limit or restriction, and once that ceiling is reached, some of these companies will automatically disconnect your computer from the session, now who knows what was truly backed up? One of MTS’ clients was utilizing one of these internet-based companies and learned the hard way after a server crash that the only data that was being backed up remotely was their accounting data. This client had no idea none of the Word documents or Excel spreadsheets were not being included in the backup.

Choose a company that you know and can trust. Data is not something that can easily be replaced, far too frequently some companies actually fail and go out of business after trying to recover from a fatal crash.

The Data Store, Inc. provides the right solution at the right price with the right support. It’s your data, take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and/or your company. TDS will make it all happen for you.

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