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3 Layer Redundancy

Backing Up Your Data is Critical

MTS strongly recommends 3 layers of data redundancy at all times, this means you should have 3 copies of your data at all times, always current, and one of those layers must be off site.

Why do we recommend 3 layers? The answer is quite simple, because we’ve seen 2 layers fail, to date we never seen 3 layers fail, but then again anything is possible.

It’s much easier and certainly far more cost effective to implement a data disaster recovery plan and be proactive about it rather than have to deal with the expense of a data recovery project, the costs associated with data recovery and keep in mind that some data recovery projects fail. Now you’ve spent a nice chunk of money and still don’t have your data.

Research the internet all you like, the bottom line is ALL hard drives fail ! It’s not a matter of IF, but more like WHEN will your hard drive fail ? Additionally, while the days of losing data because of a hardware failure still exist, now your data is even more likely to be destroyed by a malware attack, including virus, trojan, spyware, etc. The causes of data loss are endless and will continue to increase as certain computer manufacturers utilize cheaper components to get the price of the computer down. Combine this with the internet threats and now you have a recipe for disaster. And then there is human error, we all make mistakes, so while our intentions are good, there is always an occassion when a file is accidently deleted.

Many studies have been done by insurance companies, with some reporting that small businesses that suffer from data loss never fully recover and a large percentage of them end up going out of business in less than 5 years, because they were never able to fully recreate their data.

What data is important to you ? Pictures, Database Files, Accounting information, Word documents, Spreadsheets, Music, Tax information ? Everyone’s data is different, yet the need to have a good disaster recovery plan in place is priceless.

Contact us today for more information on a wide variety of data backup options available, we’ll help you implement them to ensure you minimize your loss exposure and maximize your technology.

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