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Below are actual testimonial/feedback emails we received from some of our clients. Initials have replaced actual names to preserve our clients personal information which we never share. Feel free to send us your testimonial/feedback in an email to feedback@microtechsystems.com!

I wanted to thank you, and I have thanked my parents, for my new computer. Mike did an outstanding job of setting it up, transferring everything over, and showing me the basics of Windows 7 I feel so fortunate to have such a good relationship with you as You are your companyJ and for your outstanding service. Please thank everybody from Janet on down who was responsible for getting me this wonderful new computer. It is seriously like night and day from my old machine. I can’t thank Mike enough for what a great job he did in transferring everything over for me.

Thank you for helping make sure everything I already had was compatible with Windows 7. This is an awesome computer. I couldn’t be more pleased.


Wheeling, IL

Mike was wonderful, although he ‘overcharged’ me J (just kidding!). I am very pleased with the service I received today!


Chicago, IL

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to Shaun for coming to my rescue this morning. Once again you guys are the BEST. This one deserves a hug. Please pass it on to Shaun for me.


Wood Dale, IL

Thanks for all your great service this year. MicroTech has really helped keep our network in tip-top shape. Plus, Mike Shimp is the best tech I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with! All the best to all of you at M-T.


Northbrook, IL

Thank you SOOOOOOO much for helping me get the internet to work


Wood Dale, IL

You guys are the best! I was really impressed by the professional work Sean and Danny did re-cabling our entire office with all the obstacles of the existing cabling and equipment. Sean’s attention to detail is impeccable. They worked hard, non-stop, no break or lunch. I sure am glad I found your company.


Wood Dale, IL

You rock! Thank you so, much. You always offer top quality services and please thank Janet for me. I just want to take a moment to make sure you know you are appreciated, I recognize the value of the services you provide and am grateful. Janet is wonderful about setting things up.


Wheeling, IL

We are very pleased with the ongoing high quality and cost-effective IT network maintenance Micro Tech Systems has provided Lanmar. We are especially complementary of your outstanding tech, Mike, who has been consistent, professional and very expert in his service and technical advice. He is clearly the best IT technician we have ever encountered. We look forward to your company’s continued and detailed care of our computer network for many years to come.


Northbrook, IL

To The Men of Microtech,

Thank you for your outstanding and more than fast response. Everything went so smoothly that Dolores in my office had your technician repair a few other computer issues. The expertise, knowledge and professionalism of the technician was a wonderful experience in computer and printer repair, when normally a call like this can be frightening with other companies.

Thank you again and we look forward to our continued relationship with Microtech and The Men of Microtech


Northbrook, IL

Just want to say thanks, my computer is running much quicker.I didn’t even realize it had slowed down that much!


Deerfield, IL

Hi Larry. The guys just left. I am very pleased with all they accomplished. And in such good time. Thanks!!!


Libertyville, IL

Just a quick note to thank not only Shaun but also Larry for permitting him to fix my computer. It was very much appreciated. It did not take Shaun more than about ten minutes to get the Anti-Kaspersky up and running again.


Deerfield, IL

So far – GREAT!

Looks like I have everything and that everything and the notebook are working nicely!

Thanks so much!

I’m sure you know this – Mike is a doll – great customer service and a very nice young man!


Mundelein, IL

I’m sure you already know that Shaun is polite, responsive and focused, but I don’t think I’ve told you how much we appreciate him. He is a true professional. It’s so great to have my printer fixed so quickly and so easily – especially at this busy time.

I’m sure you always have people yelling at you and I thought you should get some good news. Shaun’s the best.


Libertyville, IL

Larry, as I have told you, we think you guys are the best and we couldn’t ask for better service. It is a pleasure dealing with you.

You should really send me some of your business cards because I have mentioned your name to many friends.

Thanks so much for everything.


Northbrook, IL

Dear Larry,

Once again I thank you for superb service. If you guys were doctors, I’m sure I’d live another 100 years under your care.

Of course, by then, purchasing toner cartridges would require second mortgages. So I might want to rethink this.

Shaun came to my office yesterday and expertly repaired my HP LJ 8000 the day after I called for service. His fix was right on target. And he’s got not only the expertise for his job, but most unusually, the kind of personality and people skills that make him worth gold when you’re in the service business. I know I don’t need to tell you how incredible it is to find all of this in one young man.

I continue to be grateful.


Lincolnshire, IL

Thanks for the cleanup this week on our daughter’s laptop. Although I hope we don’t need your services often, it’s good to know there’s a computer services company that knows what they’re talking about and what they’re doing. You’re definitely going into my contacts file.


Wilmette, IL

Thanks, Larry. Definitely like the new computer.


Lincolnshire, IL


Hello, I received my computer back yesterday and I wanted to write and quickly thank you again for helping me. All of the files I was looking for were recovered, and I am extremely grateful for you help. Having to research and rewrite the documents I was looking for would have literally taken weeks, which is time that I do not have as finals start in little over a month.

Again, thank you again, as you have aided me tremendously by finding these academic documents for me.


Clayton, MO

Dear Micro Tech,

We have been working with Micro Tech Systems and Larry Goldman and his team for over 10 years now and I felt it was time to let you know and others exactly how we feel about our relationship.

Micro Tech has not only designed, built and installed computers over this time but has also put our entire company on a server system with complete backup, onsite and offsite.

Micro Tech has designed, built and installed a video surveillance system complete with stored backup of the video from over a dozen cameras. This system has helped the Northbrook Police Dept. on 3 occasions catch and prosecute property thefts on the outside. The video and still photo’s from the system were used as evidence in court for a complete prosecution.

The surveillance system has also helped with safety issues within our organization. Things you just don’t think about until you have a system like this. For example we had an employee slip in the plant and was able to review the video to see exactly what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. The system also helped to capture the exact timing and cause of a fire situation caused by a cleaning crew at night. Actually our cleaning company requested copies of the video for their own in house training. They also requested the video of their crew clowning around in our facility at night for training.

The surveillance system also improves work performance and reduced horseplay with our own staff.

The tech’s that have come out to our premises have always been presentable, had pleasant attitudes and don’t dilly-dally around which is appreciated when one is paying an hourly rate. Their knowledge always amazes me, which helps reduce the time to repair or fix things onsite.

We have on occasion purchased computers outside of Micro Tech and they apply the same service skills and knowledge to these computers without prejudice. We have used the bench service that is available also and have been pleased with that as well.

Knowing the service and honest opinion that one gets from Micro Tech, I have had my daughter send laptops home from college so that I can have Larry and his team repair them or suggest a new one. Those suggestions when needed were to buy one at the school locations and were not generated with the thought of making a sale. This is an honesty that is hard to find in the computer industry, especially with sales based repair shops. I find myself trusting the recommendations of Micro Tech and Larry Goldman.

We have used other services in the past (some with a not so pleasant result) and at other locations, so i can firmly state with authority that Micro Tech and its’ staff are at the top of their field and I would recommend them 110% of the time with comfort.

Thank you Micro Tech and Larry


Northbrook, IL

Janet helped me.

I had to log in sideways and then hold down the alt and control buttons at the same time and then press the arrows until it was right side up. She is brilliant tell Larry. She was soooooo nice, fast, and helpful.


Skokie, IL


I just wanted let you know how I feel about our relationship.

As you know, I am a small business application consultant. Over the last 10 years or more you have helped me design systems to help me fulfill the requirements needed to by my clients. Also, whenever my clients needed system help and I directed them to you, you supplied a very professional service.

As for the systems you designed for me, my current PC is 5 years old and it still runs like a champ. The one prior to that, which is about 10 years old is also still functional in my little network at home.

Just wanted to say thanks, and it is always a pleasure to work with you.


Lincolnshire, IL

I teach customer service for Fortune 500 companies. When our laser printer stopped working just prior to a huge conference for which we needed to print tens of thousands of copies, I got a referral from a colleague and went to Micro Tech Systems for the first time. They fixed my printer flawlessly, first time, for a very reasonable cost and at lightning speed. Superb service, expert advice, outstanding outcome — I was deeply impressed and am grateful I have now found a source I can trust for technology service and repair.


Lincolnshire, IL

Micro Tech Systems is just a wonderful company, that’s how you’re doing!!


Harrisburg, PA

Dear Larry, Mark & Janet,

I cannot thank you all enough for your help, cooperation and consideration in getting my Laptop back to its original Specs. Its running like a dream (keep your fingers crossed).

You all are such a wonderful group to work with and knowing that you are people of your word and back up your commitments makes working with you all a pleasure.

I wish you only Goodness and Happiness and continued success.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Glencoe, IL

Hi Larry,

Well, here is another update for you. Had some moments of concern since my last e-mail, but Deb was able to handle it. All seems better and better at this time, as if, the computer is getting used to my habits. Have not had a true road test yet. But, I think it will be just fine. You should also know, that I have happily paid off all credit card bills in full, and have complete confidence in Micro Tech Systems 🙂

I have some road trips happening in April and May, and will update you then.

I might want to know more about my virus protection via Kaspersky in the future.

Much thanks again for all.


Wheeling, IL

Yeah thanks a million, you know you guys are the best, right???!!!


Buffalo Grove, IL


We had all sorts of problems this weekend, but Mike was able to solve everything. He was a big help to Cindy. I want to let you know that he went far and above my expectations and I really appreciate that. Your company has always provided us with outstanding service and I’m glad to see that Micro Tech hasn’t lost their way while still growing. I wish all businesses would provide the high level of service that your company does.


Wood Dale, IL

We are very happy!! Thanks for checking on us. My computer has never worked better and Brian has no complaints about his. I think we are all very relieved to be able to do our job without having continuous computer issues. That’s a first for us. You guys are wonderful!!!!


Northbrook, IL


Mark is super and not a bad guy on top of that. Please bill me for his time.

Thank you again.


Buffalo Grove, IL


Just wanted to pass along to you that I have needed your tech support twice in the last few weeks and that Mike was absolutely the best both times. He knew exactly what the problems I was having were and fixed them! He is a great asset to Micro Tech Systems and my husband and I will recommend Micro Tech Systems to all our friends who are always running into little problems with these devil machines that we couldn’t live without!

Thank you Mike, and thank you Larry for such a high quality operation.


Northbrook, IL

Hi! It is M.C. and I just wanted to tell you that you are a lifesaver. I finally figured out what was on the jump memory stick that stopped working – all of the hard work you did for me (the transcripts I know were a bitcha) updating some of my resume, letters recommendation etc.when I went to look all over for it. It wasn’t anywhere. But you saved the day because you had also burnt it on a CD for me which saved the day! I just wanted to say thank you for being so thorough not to mention for your beautiful work in mushing my transcripts so I could upload them on Job applications.

Thank you always


Wheeling, IL

Dear Larry,

I wanted to follow up on our conversation last week. I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am with the services that we have received from Micro Tech Systems. Mark has been an outstanding asset to your firm. We have had two prior consultants working on our new Small Business Server, firewall and other peripheral equipment. These other gentlemen simply were not able to accomplish just a few routine IT related objectives that we set out to accomplish for your rapidly growing organization.

Mark has been incredibly ambitious, not just willing to resolve issues, but to work with our internal staff in a friendly and courteous manner. There are very few words that I can use to express my appreciation for the services that you have provided. We will be looking to your firm in the future to help us utilize more of the network capability that has now been established.

I am also looking forward to discussing your daily online backup service, as there is nobody that I would trust more with our confidential data than your staff of dedicated IT professionals.

If you ever have the situation where you need to utilize me as a reference for prospective clients, I will make myself available to the best of my ability.

I hope that we can meet sometime soon, as Micro Tech Systems is not just a vendor to LCP,LLC but you are part of our team. Without reliable team members, we are unable to accomplish the day to day and future needs of our firm.


Chicago, IL

Dear Mr. Goldman,

I had accidently deleted much needed data I had on my computer, and I thought that there was no way that I was going to remember a major part of the info. After racking my brain all weekend, I realized that I had a remote backup service with the Data Store. When I called Micro Tech Monday morning and told them of my dilemma, the solution was very easy. The techs accessed my remote backup files, located the files I deleted and then downloaded them into my computer. My problem was solved very quickly and very thoroughly.

Thank You for suggesting using your remote backup service from The Data Store. The retrieval of the files I had deleted is far more important than the monies spent. I told my friends of your service and they said that they would look into it. Please feel free to put this up on your website. It saved me a major headache.


Northbrook, IL

Just wanted to thank you for your persistence and patience through the transfer of our domain, I know it wasn’t the “usual”. We are now happily up and running thanks to you and your team. Everyone at Micro Tech Systems that I have met is professional and customer oriented which is very important to us. I am not technical so when I call in a panic it’s great to be greeted by Janet and know that she’ll get me to the right person. Your techs are skilled and friendly and have fixed my computer issues quickly and even remotely, which really minimizes down time.

We’re looking forward to working with you and your team at Micro Tech Systems and are so happy we found you.


Deerfield, IL

WAY to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had great service when you worked on my Canon.



Arlington Heights, IL

Congratulations. you deserve #1. Handled mine GREAT!


Deerfield, IL

You guys did a great job on my printer and your service was excellent. Congratulations!


Hawthorn Woods, IL


You are always number one to me …


Long Grove, IL

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