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The constant evolution of computers is never ending, unless you’re in the business, it’s all but impossible to stay up on current technology and methodologies. For those with a computer problem, consider MTS to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. Whether you’ve been hit by the latest virus attack, you can’t access the internet or your computer is just plain slow and unbearable, your struggle ends with Micro Tech Systems.

The computer industry has created its own monster when it comes to figuring out the problem, or sourcing the correct new system. We all know you can call Dell, HP, Microsoft or any of the other mega giant corporations and try to get support from them. Not always a pleasant experience, plus how many times do they say, ‘It’s not our problem, Call XYZ company’.

Choosing Micro Tech Systems as your own IT department not only saves you the cost of a full time employee and the infrastructure required to provide the right support the right way, but with MTS you give us a call, send an email and we’re on it, plain and simple. MTS won’t blame the hardware company or the software company, we’ll figure out the problem and resolve it, period.

Several types or platforms of computers are available, choosing the best one can be difficult; utilize our experience and ensure the outcome is exactly perfect.

desktop computer

Custom & Affordable

Desktop Computers

Here is where personal computers started and remain the most popular. A new custom built desktop computer from MTS is built using only top shelf, high end components. Does this mean they are not affordable, of course not, price is always an important factor, but do you really want to buy the cheapest computer you can find and then place your personal or business data on it ? Too many people are willing to spend outrageous amounts of money on that new car, and then want the cheapest computer they can get. Allow MTS to custom build your next desktop computer and see why our clients come back over and over when the next computer is needed. Desktop computers typically will provide you with the most bang for your buck, providing the most features and the finest reliability when you choose MTS. Test out our free online configurator and build your new system. Not sure what to choose, give us a call and we’ll design the perfect system.




Notebooks, Laptops, they’re all the same thing, just a matter of preference how you refer to the computer. The single most important reason to purchase a notebook computer is for portability; the freedom to take the computer with you on the go. Notebook computers are always ‘behind’ the feature set and power of a desktop computer, so a bit of a trade off to get the portability factor. Micro Tech Systems focuses primarily on Lenovo notebook computers, but not just any model. The majority of our clients will have us customize a Lenovo notebook computer, once we’re finished you simply touch the power switch and the computer boots to the Windows operating system. You’ll never have to go through configuring the majority of drivers and patching the operating system, it’s all automatic when Micro Tech Systems provides your next notebook computer.

Other variances in the notebook market include Netbook computers, these are physically smaller than standard notebooks, cost less and include less features. Netbooks were quite popular when first released to market and have demonstrated a significant slow down in popularity as people discovered the limitations of a netbook.

Tablet computers are another option in the portable computer arena with the primary advantage being that they utilize a touch screen. Decent tablet computers will usually be at the higher price point, but are an excellent solution for specific applications.


The Backbone


The Network Server is the backbone of any office, when installed and configured correctly, the server is a specialized type of computer that can provide a myriad of functions. A server allows for a central point of storage on a network, this in turn allows for a simple and efficient way to backup critical data files. Servers can also be configured to host email accounts, website as well as provide security across the network, allowing restrictions by user for access to data and other network functions.

Two of the biggest problems with the larger manufacturers network servers are the misleading advertisements to hook you into buying from them. Many will advertise a price point that appears to be very attractive, only to end up costing far more than the advertised price because their ‘hook’ price may not include an operating system, limited amount of RAM memory and/or little to no redundancy. Just like our custom built desktop computers, our custom built servers are designed and built for maximum uptime and reliability, without this, your company loses money while the server is down. The second biggest problem with the larger manufacturers is they all utilize proprietary parts, these are parts that are unique and specific to that specific server. When the day comes that the proprietary part fails and the manufacturer is out of stock, now you have a server that is down which means the office is down. Clearly a recipe for disaster.

Our custom built servers contain no proprietary parts, just like our desktop computers. Every server MTS designs and builds is custom built for you, nothing is pre-built and sits on a shelf until a customer is in need of one. This custom build policy ensures we always deliver the most current up to date technology at the best price point possible.

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