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Servers are the backbone of any network, home or office, the network server is the heartbeat of the entire IT infrastructure. Servers come in many shapes and forms, Rack Mount, Tower, Mini Tower, even Small Form Factor (SFF) servers are available. And with a server comes a server operating system, i.e. Windows Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server Standard/Premium Edition, plus we have SQL servers, TS or Terminal Servers.

Micro Tech Systems supports most Microsoft network operating systems, both on-site and remotely. Soon we’ll have a 24×7 monitoring program in place to ensure we maximize the uptime of this most critical network component.

Our custom built servers are the only way to go, see our FAQ page for more information on custom built vs. brand name. Our custom built servers are built with only the finest top shelf, brand name components on the market today, plus we’re a registered system builder with Microsoft as well as an Intel Authorized Reseller. Additionally we’re a Seagate Partner and have relationships with most all other component manufacturers.

Dell or HP certainly has a nice presence in the server market, but they and all other ‘brand name’ computers all utilize what is known as proprietary parts. Simply put, these are parts that are unique to that specific computer, so there lies the problem; should that manufacturer be out of stock and have to wait for the part to arrive from Asia, then you are in a network down situation. Consider a custom built server by Micro Tech Systems and that simply can’t happen; again, because we simply don’t use proprietary parts in our servers.

The truth is we use only Intel brand name motherboards, which are paired with Intel Server Class Processors, even Intel brand server chassis and power supplies. Why do we insist on building our systems with these components ? The answer is quite simple. Reliability. Intel has the lowest failure rate that we’ve seen and that’s what we like. We like servers that work, it’s critical to your business, critical to our business, they just work. Additionally we ensure that each component utilized in building your server contains parts that have already been tested and certified compatible by both Intel and Microsoft.

Because of our relationship with Intel and Microsoft, our technicians have inside advantage to reach both of these companies in a mission critical network down instance should the need arise. It doesn’t happen very often, but it has to be comforting to know these multi billion dollar companies both stand beside Micro Tech Systems when it comes to your network server. Check with the brand name companies and see if they can match that, we doubt they can.

Increase the speed, performance, uptime and reliability of your network server by choosing Micro Tech Systems to build and install your next server, whether it’s your first server or simply time to upgrade. We’ve got the staff, the experience, the knowledge and the guarantee to back it all up. MTS servers rock!

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